SCI Vocab

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Reflection and Refraction Means ?

Reflection Is what happens when light bounces off a surface . Most object do not emit light but they reflect the light.

Refraction Light changes direction when it changes mediums. change in direction or change in angle is known as Refraction

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Compare and Contract Reflection and Refraction

Contract Reflection and Refraction. Reflection when light bounce off the a surface.

Refraction light change direction when it change mediums.

Compare Reflection and Refraction. They both need to hit by light to be Reflection and Refraction.

Real world example of Reflection and Refraction.

For Reflection is when you look in a mirror and see your self and Refraction is when you have glasses and when you take a little off from your face and you see the thing that you are looking at is far away but the outside of your glasses look like its closer.


Its light energy is transformed into heat energy in material it is hitting it.
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A real world example of Absorption

When the sun Solar radiation hits the earth Charged ionosphere


Is when light travel out in many different directions.
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A real world example of Scattering

The Cloud droplets scatter all wavelength of the visible light creating the appearance of the white clouds.