Hydrogen Cars

By: Ruka S.

What is a Hydrogen Car?

Hydrogen car is a car that uses hydrogen as fuel, not the gasoline. Hydrogen is a number one on the periodic table and it will turn in to the water when oxygen is combined.

There are two types of hydrogen cars. One is a type that uses hydrogen internal combustion engine. It is like burning gasoline. The other is a type that works like a battery which produces and uses electricity.

What is the advantage of Hydrogen car?

Hydrogen car is good for the earth. Normally car's fuel are gasoline and produce Co2. But for the hydrogen car, it uses hydrogen as a fuel and produces water. It is much better to use hydrogen as a fuel, because it can avoid the miserable global warning.

It is also quieter than the regular cars and it can take twice as far as a car running with gasoline.

How do Hydrogen cars work?

At first, hydrogen is in the tanks. Then it will turn to electricity and water by the chemical reaction of the hydrogen and the oxygen. Electricity moves a car (motor) and water comes out. ttugnksjrb;

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