Final Exam Project

By: Tina Ly

Compare and Contrast: China Government and America Government


  • China's Government (Single Party State) And America's Government (Federal Republic) are both a republic government.
  • They both have a president for their country.


  • China has 5 different constitution. But the government only run by one.
  • America has a house of representative.
  • China does not have a pledge unlike America.

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  1. Get a bag with numbers 1- 8.
  2. Shake the bag and blind fold the person who is gonna play.
  3. Down to the square and answer the question. If wrong then you don't get the point.
  4. Afterwards add a counter on top of the square (if correct)
  5. The one with the first Bingo wins


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This is a Holiday only celebrated in Paris, France. They also have different events that ties it all together like the Firemen's Ball. Everyone is invited to come and see the celebration of the French Revolution.