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Celebrating Student Success: April 2020

Carnegie MATHia Masters

Congratulations to 8th Graders, Paris D. and Dane T. who have completed the entire Carnegie Mathia Program. They have mastered all of the lessons. Send them a Shout Out to celebrate their success!!!

Students of the Month

6th Grade

Rebecca E. (Zavazek)

Rebekah is very bright student who continues to show her creativity throughout the distance learning time. Rebekah works so hard and is always quiet, but her creativity shines through everything she does. Just a super kid with awesome ideas.

Kaedyn G. (Inovasi)

Kaedyn is a hard-working student who really wants to do well. He does his absolute best in everything he does and continues to show just how bright he is through the distance learning. He shows innovation and creativity in completing assignments.

Kara N. (Inovasi)

Kara is a bright student who truly cares about her education and wants to help others. She has done a fantastic job throughout this distance learning time, completing her work and asking for help if needed. She has also sent teachers encouraging messages. Her kindness shines through such a difficult time.

7th Grade

Starkashia A. (Whakaute)

A stellar seventh grade Cougar is Starkashia A. Star is very conscientious about her schoolwork in good times, and has been an avid independent worker in these unprecedented times. Starkashia is athletic, and an asset to Speight Middle School whether on the court or in the classroom.

Carson B. (Inovasi)

Carson B. has a smile that lights up a room. Conscientious and hardworking, Carson is a treasure to have in any classroom. Friendly and helpful to her peers, Carson is a delight to know and is deserving of the distinction of Speight Student of the Month.

Jonathan M.-R. (Inovasi)

Jonathan stands out as one well-mannered seventh grader. You notice his poise in the classroom. He is quiet, but not afraid to answer when asked a question. Jonathan is conscientious about his studies and has little time for foolishness. We can't wait to see what you do in life, Jonathan!

8th Grade

Jennifer F. (Whakaute)

Jennifer F. is a courteous, caring, and committed individual, who cooperates consistently with teachers and strives to do her best. She responds appropriately when corrected.

Lauren L. (Zavazek)

Lauren is an enthusiastic learner, who has demonstrated tremendous growth over the past year. Lauren does not give up when facing a task that is difficult and always does her best.

Hannah T. (Chifundo)

Hannah is a conscientious, hard-working student, who is self-motivated and consistently completes all her assignments. Hannah stays on task with very little supervision.

Students Thriving with Distance Learning

House Challenge

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Mrs. Thomas's Science Project

Keevon J. (Inovasi)

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