Skyline News

from Randy Dougherty

Storm Shelter Project Awarded!

We were notified this week that the Storm Shelter Project has been awarded! This puts Skyline beyond the approval stage we have been holding in for some time. The pandemic has complicated and slowed the process for many building projects so continued patience will be necessary. But, we are very excited to officially get the process started on this long awaited project.
New Skyline Website and App! CLICK HERE!

You can click above to go to the new website. You can find the app while searching for the Skyline School District on your phone. We are excited about these new options for our parents and patrons! Find the website at:

Skyline Board Welcomes Two New Members!

The Skyline Board of Education has welcomed Chris Anderson and Clint Kelley as new members as a result of the recent election. We are excited to have these gentlemen join the Skyline Team.

We are very thankful for the time and support that Lynn Gideon and Cliff Damitz have provided Skyline. These two men were on the board for several years and donated many hours to supporting the school, our kids and staff. Thank you Lynn and Cliff for your contributions to our school!

Legislative Changes Could Negatively Impact Public Education

State legislators have the attention of school administrators across the state while a good portion of them push for major changes in public education. Many of these changes being considered would likely have a negative impact on public education. While most school administrators have contacted our legislators, we are told that anything could happen. The most alarming bills include changes that would funnel public school money to private schools who do not follow the same guidelines and requirements as public schools. It is believed that some of these bills could have an impact on public school funding, if passed.