By: Sophia Yang

What is it?

Schrizophrenia is a complex brain disorder that can cause individuals to have difficulty differientiating between what is reality and what it not. Some symptoms of Schrizophrenia include the disruption of normal thought process, disordered speech, change in behavior and hallucinations. This brain disorder is a chronic disease but there are treatments with coping methods. Schrizophrenia occur in both females and males almost equally but more likely during differnet age groups although anybody can develop Schrizophrenia at any age. (phac-aspc.gc)
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causes of Schrizophrenia

The cause of Schrizophrenia is not known although researchers have proposed some hypothesis that tries to find the causes. Some hypothesis's are that Schrizophrenia comes from a mix of genetics and enviroment. Shrizophrenia can also be developed from changes in brain chemicals. Neurotransmitters in the brain like dopamine and the central nervous system are different in people with Schrizophrenia although the specific reason is not known. (mayoclinic)
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This image shows the differences in the brain from people with Schrizophrenia and people who do not. Scientists do not know what the differences mean exactly but acknowledge that there is a difference. (mayoclinic)

How does Schrizophrenia affect individual's daily life?

Schrizophrenia can alter many aspects of an individuals daily life. This mental disorder can make the individuals personal identity feel non- existant. Not only is it difficult for the individual to cope but also people around them to hold the same relationships they had before.

Relationships with friends: These relationships could be affected because the individual may withdraw from these relationships. They may eperience different moods and produce differnet behavior that the individual does not normally exhibit. The individual may struggle to produce normal conversation or keep strong relationships because they lose control of their motor and speech at times or experiences delusions where they can not tell from what is reality. (healthyplace)

Family: The individual's family may be affected because alot of the attention is towards the individual. Normal activity in the family could be withdrawn because the focus is helping the individual. They may struggle with coping with the fact that one of their family members acts a certain way and to not exhibit their old personality. Schrizophrenia could also cause financial struggles because depending on what is availiable to them, therapy and treatment is needed for the individual to live a healthy life. This may add the burden of financial struggles in famillies or individuals which limits them to not be able to receive the proper treatment. (healthylife)

School: The individual may start to struggle in school as their thought processes are constantly being disturbed. They may lose focus and may feel isolated in the classroom. (healthyplace)

At work: Schrizophrenia can affect a individual's career immensely because it may be difficult to produce the same work that they usually are able to do. Disorganized speech and odd behaviour can be off putting for employers. Potentially, individuals with Shcrizophrenia would be laid off and unemployed. Unemployement and lack of family support may even lead to homelessness. (healthyplace)

Social events: Individuals with Schrizophrenia may have difficulty making new relationship with people because of their changed behaviour. Inappropriate things could be said or done that prevents others from associating with the indivudual. Inability to make new relationships can cause a feeling of isolation in the individual. (healthyplace)

Schrizophrenia can lead to many difficulties socially, emotionally and physically. They may not be able to perform their daily tasks and activities. Hallucinations and disorganized speech and behaviour can take over somebody's lifestyle.

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Schrizophrenia can affect an individuals lifestyle from many aspects. It may leave them having a feeling of isolation in their society because of the changes in behaviour and thoughts they exhibit. (Schrizophrenia)

Community services for Schrizophrenia

Mental Health Helpline

Mental Health Helpline hosted by Trillium partners in Mississauga. Credit Valley hospital in Mississauga offers consultations, counselling, treatment programs for mental illness's such as Schrizophrenia.

Schizophrenia Society of Ontario

The Schrizophrenia Society of Ontario- Oakville location is the closest location to Mississauga. It provides family and friends support groups for people dealling with Schrizophrenia. They raise awareness for the mental disorder and discuss coping methods.

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

First Episode Assessment Clinic (FACT) Peel is a program for young adults who are first experiencing psychosis which is when an individual has difficulty telling between what is reality and what is not. The program helps people with early diagnosis and coping methods to live a healthy life

Criticisms of programs

Some criticisms are:

- Credit Valley services are only open from 9am -5 pm from Monday to Friday. They are closed Saturday and Sunday. These hours of operation are not convenient for many people.

- The Schrizophrenia Society of Ontario- Oakville location is only open Mon-Fri 8:30 am-4:30 pm which can be quite inconvenient for many people. The closest location from this organization is the Oakville location for people that live in Mississauga. Transportation could be an issue. The support group is only offered in English but living in a multicultural city, it could be limiting for many people.

- Centre for Addiction and Mental Health: the website is very confusing to use and hard to find the program fit for you. People are not good with computers will have difficulty getting the right help. The information provided was very minimal and not accessible. There were not hours of operation. To get this service there are many ristriction like you have to be between the ages of 16-45, live in Region of Peel and have a referral to be eligible to receive services. These restriction can be very limiting for people looking for help or are not aware that they have Psychosis (symptom of Schrizophrenia).

More information

Even though Schrizophrenia is a chronic disease, this does not mean that individuals cannot continue to live their life. This article is about an individual in Mississauga who is living with Schrizophrenia. This sheds some light on some of the perceptions that people may have about people who has Schrizophrenia.

This video by Crashcourse on Yotube provides an education video on Schrizophrenia. There are many misconceptions about mental disorders as there are around Schrizophrenia. This video talks about what Shcrizophrenia is and the difference between Schrizophrenia and Multiple Personality Disorder or Dissociative Personality Disorder.

Schizophrenia & Dissociative Disorders: Crash Course Psychology #32


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