where are their sweatshops located

these sweatshops are located in shenzen province, and haiti

what products are made in these sweatshops

books and Disney branded clothing are made in these sweatshops

the conditions of workers in these sweatshops

these conditions are very poor, the worlers only get paid 42 cents an hour.

did the company respond to the accusations that they use sweatshops

how did the industrial revolution affect working conditions today

Today no kids are not allowed to work, and people are paid the minimum wage

what solutions/alternatives are there to sweatshops

what did you learn

I learned that the world is not what is seems, who would've knew that there were still sweatshops

are you more concerned with how products you buy are mad?

yes, i always thought these products were made in a appropriate place with good working conditions and i thought they were paid minimumwage. I never thought they would be paid 42 cents an hour.