The day my pa got sold

Dear journal i am Chloe. I am a slave who works on a plantation. I have worked on this plantation since i was 6 years old. Its 1860 and life has not gotten no better.My masters name is mr.Hudson . One old day i was at the laundry house when my brother Jason came out.An guest what he said. What do you want this time thinking that he had got himself into some trouble with master Hudson.They are ,they they are are. They are going to do what who is they.They are going to sell pa .What where is pa tell me tell me now .Pa is at slave quarters he leaves today . Before Jason could say anything els i ran like my life depended on it .My pa was saying his goodbyes .My master came around the corner.Yelling shut that baby up right now as my sister vanes popped out of her head.It was very sad to see my pa get in the car.I have never seen my pa again .


The meeting of the man himself fredrick douglass

Brianna:do you ever think of your mom and how did you feel

Fredrick:yes when i think of her tears came to my eyes

B:did you like you 1st plantation better than you 2nd one

F:no because the second one was better they taught me how to read and i felt that they treated me a little better

B:did you play a lot with the other kids on the plantation

F:not really i kind of played by myself

B:were you happy in the north how did you feel

F:i was happy in the north and i felt free

B:what were your jobs on the plantation

F:well my job was pulling weeds and helping old slaves

B:where were you born

F:talbot marland

B:when were you born

F:february 1818

B:did you have children and what were there names

F:yes and there names were Lewis henrey,Charles raymond,Annie,Fredrick,Rossetta

B:were did you live when you were in the north


The time of Harriet beecher stowe

The things that happened in Harriet Beecher Stowe life. The events that happened in her childhood. The significant life events. The accomplishments in her life. An last but, not least of all the interesting facts that happened.

Harriet Beecher Stowe was born in Connecticut on June 14 1811.She was the six child in her family. Harriet went to school at Pierce Academy.there was 11 children in her family.An she loved to play with her friends at a young age.

In 1830 Harriet got married to Calvin Stowe.Harriet and Calvin had 7 children. An children died.In 1860 Harriet moved to main. An have moved to main also.She was very sad that her children have died.

Harriet Stowe and her husband Calvin Stowe helped runaway slaves. Harriet Stowe and meet Abraham Lincoln. An he said i quote'' so you are the women who started the civil war.An Harriet Stowe wrote a book call Uncle tome's cabin.

Harriet Beecher Stowe started writing books when she was 13. She was the lady that started the civl war. Harriet wrote the the book thats the reason the said she stared the civil war.Sold 300,000 of uncle toms cabin sold in 1 year.

  • An these are the three reasons Harriet Beecher was good .Her childhood at pierce academy. Her middle age life with her husband. Her accomplishments .an lats her fun facts.


It was so dark and cold in the wolds i was running away.When i heard a big boom.A man came and that man was my master. I got caught and returned to the plantation.Days and days of work i heard one of my family members were ill.Two months later and got tired of working so i headed to the road. An i was so tired i remained at the road.After getting good sleep i went to the Abolishnets home. An that night went to the border and crossed over.

The note

Dear journal i am a northern solider.I have ben in the army for a long time.An the north has won the war. The slaves are free.An there will only be one country now. Since the war is over some of the family will be returned.From the brave and strong soldiers.