Gasolina- Daddy Yankee

Type of music

Reggaeton is a form of dance music of Puerto Rican Origin, Characterized by a mix of latin rhythms, dancehall, and hip hop or rap. This music is played on radios, clubs, and parties. Some one who is associated with this music is daddy yankee.

History of the music

The music was invented, shaped and made known in puerto rico when it got its name. Reggaeton comes from latin and Caribbean music. Reggaeton arrived in places like panama and puerto Rico as quickly as it reached more traditional centers of migration such as london and new york. Panama was the first country to introduce Reggaeton in espanol.
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Characteristics of the music

The major characteristics of this music are synthesized beats and catchy chorus. THe instruments used for this song are synthesized beats, drum machines and multiples snare drum samples, and spanish rapping.

This song below is a this type of music.

A Famous artist from this music Is Daddy Yankee


08 Daddy Yankee -Gasolina by kgonzalezmu200rp

Music Today

Today This music is used for clubbing and parties. Also played on the radio today. Probably the most famous song for this music type is Gasolina remix by lil Jon.

The connection to dance

people associate this music with dancing in the club and at parties. Its a more upbeat type of dancing such as twerking and grinding.
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