Saving the Blue Crabs

Chesapeake Blue Crabs in danger

Farmers and Water Pollution

Chesapeake Bay is in danger of pollution. Farmers use fertilizer for there crops. When it rains the fertilizer goes into the bay and makes the algae grow. and when the algae dies it decays and takes oxygen to decay. then there isn't enough oxygen in the water for crabs to breath and then they die. Famers should use I.P.M. because its clean and envier mentally friendly.

Fishermen and Crab Population

Fishermen fish faster then the Blue Crab population can reproduce. The crab limit is 46%, it should be reduced to 40%.


Governors will pass the laws that we need to keep the Blue Crabs safe. They have the power because we selected them.

The People

The people have more power then the governors .The people are everything.