Mustang Minutes

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Scarborough's Summary

Thank you for taking the time this week to meet with parents about their child's progress. We know that the home to school connection is so important for increasing our students' achievement.

Kudos Korner from the Admin Team

Kudos to Adrienne and Vikki G. for helping with textbook checkout! You rock!

Great job, Kyla for all your work scheduling translators!

Janet Edgar had an amazing lesson this week incorporating social studies with writing!

From Opportunity Room to the Classroom

Tameika Hairston is making leaps and bounds in her students lives.

Parents were bought to tears as they express their gratitude for all that she is doing for their children. Way to go!

Media Center News

Book fair was a great success! The media center will be returning to normal operations on Monday. Regular kindergarten checkout and story time will begin too.

Counselors' Corner

Teachers, If you have sensitive details about one of your students, please do not include the child's name in the email. You can add the student initials but never include the name.

Custodian Closet

We are still finding numerous spot in the classrooms. Please call the front office as soon as you notice a spill.

Coaches' corner

"Word study involves"doing" things with words-examining,manipulating,comparing, and categorizing-and offers students the opportunity to make their own discoveries about how words work."

Words Their Way

Sixth Edition

Journaling Journey (Continued...)

Provide students with feedback in their journals.

Ways to provide feedback:

- Provide feedback on the mastery of a standard, skill, or strategy

Ex. I love the way you have used area model to find the quotient!

Ex. Mickey Mouse, you have really come a long with your strategy of partial quotient. Excellent job!

- Provide feedback on the expected performance or behavior

Ex. I really like the way you've used your graphic organizer to provide at least 3 supporting details for your main idea.

- Use concrete symbols

Ex. Stickers, Stamps, Check Marks, Smiley Faces, etc.

Parent Connection

PTA sign up coming soon!

Thank you for all of your hard work during Parent Teacher conferences and working with translators!

Please continue to collect signatures for your Title I documents and return all signature pages to me in your yellow folders! Thanks so much!

Calendar of Events

9/28- New Teacher Network 3 pm in Media Center

9/28- District Support SD for RES Learning Cohort

9/30- RBES due

10/01- Mr. Hunter visits

10/07- Principal county meeting

10/09- End of 1st 9 weeks

10/12- Teacher Planning Day

10/14- AP county meeting

10/16- ITBS Testing meeting

10/23- New Teachers! Imagine Learning Training (during planning) All teachers welcome!