Cybersecurity is tightening up!

Especially with the demands of cybersecurity insurance (which made this an absolute necessity), even students are needing to take more control of their own passwords and individual cybersecurity.

It is now required for students to create and manage their own password for logging into the computer on the school network. This password MUST BE at least 12-characters or more, and as is usual, include at least 3 of these 4 characteristics:

  1. Lower-case letters
  2. Upper-case letters
  3. Numbers
  4. Special characters (e.g. !, @, #, $, %, ^, &, *)


#weLOVEhighlySECUREpa55w0rdz or TECHNOLOGYdept!$theBEST (<---obviously, don't use these)


  1. Use your own name (i.e. first, last, middle, names)
  2. Use your lunch number (the System will recognize it as "previously used")

Summary of top tips:

  • Top recommendation: Think “passphrase” ( <--- the “Holy Grail” of password security )
  • Use something memorable ( <--- all personal security hinges on THIS; try mnemonics)

  • Use a mix of capital/lower-case

  • Use numbers & special characters

  • Use a different password for each account