Rosewood Extra PE News

Mrs. Anderson

Completed Winter Olympics!

Hello students, teachers, parents and all!

I wanted to say "Thank you!" for making our Winter Olympics at Rosewood a huge success! Over the last two weeks your students have competed in different Olympic Games for their country. Overall points have been added to accumulate a total score. The students have done a great job in demonstrating good Olympic traits. We focused on having good sportsmanship throughout the games. Students demonstrated good sportsmanship by encouraging their teammates and other countries while competing in their events. Students also focused on persevering through difficult events and having an attitude of not giving up.

Below are some pictures from the events and more pictures will be posted on Rosewood twitter feed (so check them out!)

Paralympics start March 7th in Sochi!


Paralympics are Olympics events for individuals that may have a different ability than others. Some athletes compete with only one leg or arm or some are blind or even have no legs. But these athletes show perseverance like no other! Below is a link to the video that your students will watch in their Extra PE class next week. This amazing video shows the obstacles one can overcome. These awesome athletes will hopefully inspire our students to face difficult times and challenges with confidence in trying to find a way to achieve their goals (and to never give up). Please take a moment to view the video and feel free to comment on your thoughts