Why Do Bees Sting

How do Bees React to Certain things

Bees react differently, depending on their type. Africanized bees are 10 times more aggressive than European bees. Africanized bees respond in greater numbers to threats. If you go near an Africanized bee it will sting you, compared to a European bee, as long as you are not bothering it, it will leave you alone. To protect yourself from being stung you can use bug spray, wear protective clothing, and stay away from nests and infested areas.
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What are The Effects of a Bee Sting

The effects of a bee sting vary, some can be fatal some are just minor. There are 4 different reactions that can come from a bee sting a Localized Reaction, Systematic and Anaphylactic Reactions, and Anaphylaxis. Most common of the 4 reactions is the Localized Reaction next most common are the Systematic and Anaphylactic Reactions. Sometimes you can get bee poisoning which is can be fatal is not treated immediately, call a poison control center or 911.
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How Can You Treat a Bee Sting

The first thing you should do is try to get the stinger out by using a credit card or the back of a knife. Second is if the person can' t breath or faints call poison control or 911. Third is put a cold compress on the bee sting to help with swelling. If the bee sting continues to cause pain and the swelling does not improve or worsen you should seek medical attention.
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