Hot peppers


Hot peppers

Hot peppers are a really hot plant.they have seeds in side of the peppers and that makes them really can eat it hot peppers.

What hot peppers need

  • Sunlite
  • Food
  • Water

Stages of a plant

  • Birth
  • Growth and development
  • Reproduction
  • Death

Stages of a plant

Birth is like when you were born and sept it's plant.growth and development is when it stars to grow in the ground.reproduction is when it stars to sprout.death is when it dies.

Parts of a plant

  • Roots
  • Stem
  • Leaves

Life cycle of a plant

First you plant the seed and then wate Intell you see it sprouting and you need to water it daily.when it is a real plant then you pick the peppers.
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What is photosynthesis


Photosynthesis needs carbon dioxide,sunlight,water,sugar,oxygen.