T.S. Eliot

(Thomas Stearns Eliot)

20th century Poet, critic, and editor.

Major Accomplishments

First great work was "The love song of J. Alfred Prufrock" in 1915
In 1922 he wrote a poem called "The Waste Land"
He won the Order of Merit and the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1948

Life in Paris

-Eliot went to Pairs in 1911 to study at many different universities (Merton college, Oxford University.) He stayed in Paris when he came for the final time in 1914.
-Eliot went to Paris to continue his studies and write more poetry.
-Eliot met Ezra pound when he first came to Pairs. He helped Eliot organize and edit "The Waste Land". Pound also help him decide on poetry as a career.
-Bertrand Russell, a famous philosopher, taught Eliot at Harvard. Russell introduced Eliot to his intellectual circles.