Latin America flyer


Argentina was founded in 1512. Spain at that time owned Argentina. Argentine broke off of Spanish power in 1818. Argentina and Spain went to war only Argentina made it out alive. After the war the only remaining presence of Spain was their language (Spanish).


The capital of Argentina is Buenos aires Very beautiful and a pretty great place to go for tourist. Also the two biggest cities are Cordaba and Rosario.

Location and geographical info

Argentina is located in South America and some physical features are Tagus falls,Aconcagua,and pampas

Argentinas government

Argentina is a democratic republic government. The person who runs it or the president is Cristina Fernandez de Kitchener. The country has many allies but only one one enemy stated and that's britain. Britain refuses to listen to Argentina about the oil problems so argentina is not very happy.


Argentina's currency is called peso which in English is called weight. Their economic system is called capitalism. Capitalism is when trade is controlled by private owners instead of by the state. Argentina imports cars,potroleum gas,vehicle parts,refined petroleum,and telephones. They Import from La Boca


Argentina exports meat,wheat,corn,oilseed,and manufacturers. They also export their goods from La Boca like their imports.

Tourist attraction

People should visit Argentina to see the famous soccer team,in my opinion I think their the best :). Argentina has beautiful views and their cities are huge and cool so I'd advise to go to monuments and look at the crazy beautiful views Argentina is on my bucket list.