University of Texas

What starts here changes the world

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In spanish the subjunctive is a mood rather than a defined tense. The subjunctive shows the mood of the speaker as tenses are defined as definite actions in the past, the present, and the past. Mood shows the doubt or substantial lack of confidence that the speaker possesses. It must include que between the current wish or doubt and the conjugated verb in subjunctive tense. The subjunctive conjugates

for -ar verbs are : -e, -es, -e, -emos, -éis, -en

as well as for -Ir and -er verbs the following conjugates must be used: -a, -as, -a, -amos, -áis, -an.

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Recomiendio que tengo un 3.8 grade point average que tiene un 1200 por el sat. y tiene un 28 por el ACT. el Universidad tiene siete dormitories. The university of Texas has many extra circular activities such as D1 sports including Football, Track, Baseball, Softball, Cross Country, Cricket, Volleyball, Golf, and many more. a few requirements for scholarships in these sports include an 1:58 half mile and a 4:15 mile. these are the two areas I wish to persue in order to obtain a Track scholarship from UT and ultimately a D1 school in general.

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University of Texas

The population of Austin is 885,400 and of the university last year was 52,090. the university has plenty of McDonalds on campus which is great. The tuition of UT is $5,369 each semester. There are 7 main dorms halls. The mascot of the University of Texas is the longhorn and his name is Bevo.
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Espero que pase todos mis clases

Me gusta que tengan la mascota Longhorn.

Es importante que me saque buenas notas.

Mi hermana recomienda que vivo en un apartamento.

Dudo que consiga grados buenos por mis clases.

Espero que trabaje en el campus.

Ojala que mis profesores a ser divertido.

Me gusta que tienen diversos alimentos.

Es importante que estudio mucho en la Universidad.

Mi hermana recomienda que comprar una computadora para mis clases.

Dudo que estudiaré mucho porque vas de fiestas.

Ojala que yo tenga mis diploma en cuatro anos.

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My thoughts

I am very excited to attend the University of Texas and start my adult life as a Longhorn. I love the environment of the University and attending has always been one of my biggest goals and dreams. I'm excited to spend my first year living in the dorm there on campus. I wish to have my own car on campus but it is over 800 dollars to buy a parking pass at one of the dorms. The idea of attending the University of Texas is mind blowing for me. It has been my life long goal to go there and currently I am in a position to do so.