Ned Kelly

by Mathiew

What is a bushranger?

bushranger were active in australia in the 1800 s. they were criminals or outlaws who stole things such as gold and cattle from innocent people. ned kelly was a famous bushranger?

Ned Kelly s life

Ned Kelly's real name was Edward. He was born in june 1855. Ned Kellys parents were in lreland. Ned Kelly was a small boy he was stole horses. his were criminals.

Ned kelly s crimes.

ned kelly learnet to be bushranger from harry power. an old bushranger. ned kelly made a gang with his brother and friand the kelly gang was made up of ned kelly, dan kelly steve hart and joe byrne. they killed a trooper at stingybark creek because they were scared the troopers would kill them first. ned kelly was wanted and people liked him because they thought he was a hero and he got a reward from people. and he held up a bank

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