Under the sea by Eleri6



animal, mammal, vertebrates

Special body covering: Feathers like other birds but slick and tight on the body.

Lifespan: about 20 to 25 years, but normally 15 to 20 years

Size: 1-4 feet

Weight: 5 kilogram

Height: 1-4 feet

Communication: Penguin calls are individually identifiable

Unusual Characteristics: They like to slide on their bellies.


Location: Antarctica

Terrain: Slopes, flats, and hills

Climate: Cold

Home: Southern Pole


Structures: Body is streamlined so they could swim faster: they have webbed feet and orange beaks.

Behavior: Very social

Food Chain

Food source: Fish and Crustraceans

Where does the endangered species find food: Icy sea of Antarctica

Predator: Sharks. orcas, leopard seals, skuas, and humans.

Prey: Fish, krill, and squid.

Reasons for endangerment:

Due to Global Warming, there's an abnormality in warming of ocean waters that has diminished the sea ice; the threats from commercial fishing like fish nets, disturbance at breeding ground, oil spills, marine pollution.

Critical information:

What is being done to help them: Laws not allowed to hunt them; Creating a safe closed environment

How can you help: By educating others about penguins