River Basin of Lumber

Lumber River Basin in North Carolina

Facts About Lumber

- The population of Lumber is 472,276

The major rivers in the Lumber are:

  • Lumber river
  • Waccamaw River
  • Little Pee Dee River

Plants and Animals found in the Lumber


  • Flytraps
  • Pitcher Plants


  • American Alligator
  • Manatee
  • Savannah Lilliput

Guaranteed to be fun with all the activities you can do on the Lumber River Basin

The activities you can do...

  • Aberdeen Lake Park
  • Luther Britt Park
  • Sand kills game Land
  • Lumber River State Park
  • Waccamaw River Canoe Trail

We are Lumber

Hopefully you learned some stuff about the Lumber River!!!!!!!!!
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