April 11-Mariner Matters

"Teacher are paid to adapt to students. Students have to go to school." -Eric Jensen

Shout Outs!

Shout outs to Ms. Stevenson, Ms. McNish, Ms. Tompkins, Ms. Gill, Ms. Billinger, and Ms. McMillan for their active and positive participation in the poverty training held in Greensboro this past week.

Bus Driver of the Year!

Congratulations to Ms. Doris Gilmore for being selected as Perry W. Harrison's Bus Driver of the Year! Ms. Gilmore drives Bus 23 and is in her tenth year as a driver at Harrison Elementary.

Long-term Sub for Ms. Sturdivant

Ms. Mary Cuni, a retired kindergarten teacher from Wake County, will be the substitute for the rest of the year for Elizabeth Sturdivant. Please stop by and say hello and help her as much as you can.

MTSS Committee-Monday

MTSS committee will meet on Monday at 3:30 in the Discovery Lab.


The PBIS team will meet on Tuesday in the Guidance Office at 3:30pm.

Parent STEM Committee - Tuesday

There is a meeting on Tuesday for parents in the Discovery Lab beginning at 5:30pm. Several parents have emailed me to let me know they were planning to come. If you have any other names let me know.

PTA Board Meeting-Tuesday

There is a PTA board meeting on Tuesday beginning at 6:30pm in the Media Center. Amy and Mandi are your teacher representatives.

MTSS PLC-Thursday

PLCs will meet in the PLC room for review of tier plans and progress monitoring of students. Plans were updated in March as so please make sure we have all correct information in the plans.

Showcase of Schools

Chatham County Schools will be holding the 2nd annual showcase of schools at Jordan Matthews on Thursday, April 14th, from 6pm-7:30pm. Please feel free to attend. Mariner time will be given to those who attend.

TEAM CCS Day-Friday

Chatham County Schools is celebrating our schools and system by promoting schools on the website and social media. We are asking that everyone wear navy blue next Friday. If you do something creative with wearing all blue please let me know and I will tweet it out.


Please look at what you are copying and consider using color copying paper. We have used over 120 boxes of paper this year. There is still lots of paper being wasted when you look at the paper being left in workrooms and what goes in the recycling bins.

Picture Money

Please put in your newsletters/website that the pictures or money for pictures are due by April 22nd. As you send home information please continue to send that information.

Progress Monitoring

Please make sure you sync your ipad for Mclass. I will be reviewing progress monitoring data in the next coming days and week.

Proctors for EOGs

We are still in need of several proctors for the EOGs. If you know of someone who may be able to help, please have them to contact John.

Administrators Out

On Tuesday, John will be out of the building all day for a meeting and I will be at a meeting for a portion of the morning. Ms. Carrie Little will be assisting us on campus during that time if there are any immediate needs.

Code of Ethics

Proper remunerative conduct. The educator shall not solicit current students or parents of students to purchase equipment, supplies, or services from the educator in a private remunerative capacity. An educator shall not tutor for remuneration students currently assigned to the educator's classes, unless approved by the local superintendent. An educator shall not accept any compensation, benefit, or thing of value other than the educator's regular compensation for the performance of any service that the educator is required to render in the course and scope of the educator's employment. This Rule shall not restrict performance of any overtime or supplemental services at the request of the LEA; nor shall it apply to or restrict the acceptance of gifts or tokens of minimal value offered and accepted openly from students, parents, or other persons in recognition or appreciation of service.