Wildcat Roar

November 20, 2022

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Remember This?

The handbook says this about student standing:


To be considered a student in good standing, a student must not be in violation of the attendance policy, have outstanding discipline referrals OR appear on the current F list.

In order to participate in extracurricular events including (but not limited to): dances, field trips, school-sanctioned sports events; a student must be in good standing.

Students in grades 6-12 that are not in good standing will have closed lunch and be required

to sign in daily in the cafeteria.

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NWEA Incentive

It's finally here!

We will have our Fall NWEA Incentive Day this Tuesday, November 22. All students will report to their fifth hour class for attendance, then eligible students will report to the gym for a movie. After the movie, students will be able to chat and use the space for activities. Do you have questions? Keep reading - this might answer them!

Q: Who's eligible to attend?

A: HS Students who met three out of four criteria for ALL FOUR NWEA tests.

Q: It's been a while. What was the eligibility criteria?

  1. No rapid guessing
  2. Maintain or increase overall score
  3. No disruptions
  4. Be in attendance on scheduled day of test

Q: How will I know if I'm eligible?

A: Mrs. Clements will email the students who are NOT eligible.

Q: What will I do if I'm not eligible?

A: You'll likely report to one classroom for the afternoon, but you'll have work to do. It will be as close to a 'normal' Tuesday as we can get.

Q: What movie are we watching?

A: I'm not sure yet. Email me your ideas. It has to be school appropriate and accessible from Amazon Prime, Netflix, or Disney +.

Q: Can we bring snacks?

A: Yes, but they HAVE to be cleaned up afterwards because we have a home basketball game that evening.

Q: Can we bring pillows/blankets?

A: No.

Q: Can we use our phones in the gym?

A: Yup! Turn your sound off during the movie, and stay off of SnapChat.

Q: Do I have to watch the movie in the gym?

A: No, but you have to let me know (by email) by the end of the day MONDAY.

Congrats, Ms. Drummond! 2022 Central Region Elementary Principal of the Year!

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We've Got Spirit!

There will be a Basketball Pep Assembly on Tuesday, November 22 at 2:45 in the gym.

All HS students will attend (minus Transition Room customers).

FTA Fundraiser

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Due to liability concerns from MUSIC, our insurance company, pets are not permitted on school property.

This excludes service animals and classroom/curricular animals, pre approved by a Building Principal.

Handbook Highlight

Each week, I'll highlight a Student/Parent Handbook policy. What makes it into the WILDCAT ROAR is usually something that I've been dealing with and/or I'm hoping to NOT have to deal with because all of our students and adults are aware of the policy. This week's Handbook Highlight is...


All participants will ride to and from the school activity on the transportation provided by the school. Parents wishing to sign their students out after the event may do so or a request by the parent/guardian in person or phone call and in writing before noon of the activity for which the student to ride home with another adult. This adult must sign the student out and assume responsibility of the student.

Class of 2023 Fundraiser

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Seniors are taking orders for shirts (pictured above) from November 21-December 2. Orders may be placed with any Senior student or by calling Tera in the Elementary Office. Payment is required at the time of ordering.

Shout Out

What staff member deserves a shout out?

Take a minute to let me know all about it by filling out THIS FORM.

Students, Parents, and Staff can give a shout out to any Slater Schools employee! We'll make sure they receive a copy of it and will look for ways to share them with you throughout the year as well.

Let's get to bragging about all the good people around here!

Senior Recognition

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Winter Senior Recognition

We were happy to celebrate the following Seniors on November 18, 2022!

Christian Audsley, Basketball

Jayden Buglovsky, Basketball

Deliza Cortez, Basketball

Kendyl Drummond, Cheer & Basketball

Maria McCabe, Basketball

Aubry Meyer, Basketball

Keyton Meyer, Basketball

Allison Newman, Basketball

Here are the students' submitted write ups:

Christian Audsley, is the son of Chris & Jackie Audsley and Tiffany Audsley. Christian plans to go to Mizzou and then the Airforce. His high school activities include Basketball, Football, Baseball, FFA, & FBLA. Christian enjoys fishing and hanging out with the boys.

Christian’s favorite memory is having John Stockman as a coach. His advice to future basketball players is “Just put in the work and have fun doing it”. To my parents, Teammates and Coach, Thank you for making these four years a blast.

Jayden Buglovsky is the daughter of Jennifer and Matt Cott. Jayden plans on attending Missouri Valley College to study Criminal Justice. She is involved in Basketball, Softball, Track, FFA, Choir. Jayden enjoys spending time with family and hanging out with friends.

Jayden’s favorite memories come from the Christmas parties we had each year. Our team comes together and we just connect with each other and have an amazing time which I’m going to really miss next year.

Jayden’s advice to future basketball players; Don’t let one mistake change your whole mood. If you made a mistake it means you tried. Focus on all the things you did right rather than the one thing you did wrong.

Thank you to my teammates and coaches who have helped me throughout the years. You’ve made a bigger impact on my life than you think. I love you all for showing us it’s okay to make mistakes, as long as we grow from them, everything is fine.

Deliza Cortez is the daughter of Joe Cortez and Katie Lee and is escorted by Katie Lee and David Gustin. Deliza plans to go to State Fair Community College for Dental Hygiene. Her highschool activities include, A+, Basketball, Student council President, FBLA, NHS, Softball, Track. Deliza enjoys hitting softballs with her dad and hanging out with her mom and sister.

Deliza’s favorite basketball memory was when they placed in our own Slater tournament. Her advice to future basketball players is enjoy basketball while you can and don’t eat a lot at Thanksgiving or Christmas because you will feel it the next day at practice.

To my parents, thank you so much for alway taking me to the gym to get some shots in and getting me prepared for this season. To my teammates, you guys have always been a joy to play with and I will miss you guys. To Coach Harding, thank you for teaching me a bunch of new things and caring about me. I truly love your passion for this sport and our team. I love you and I am glad I got to have you for a year. To Coach Falls, thank you for pushing me to be a stronger post and one of my biggest hype man.

Kendyl Drummond is the daughter of Becky Drummond & Kip Drummond.

Kendyl plans to attend Missouri State University to major in early childhood education. Her highschool activities include, A+, Basketball, Cheer, NHS, Student Council vice president, FBLA president and FTA president. Kendyl enjoys hanging out with friends, family and playing with Axl, Cooper, and Sadie.

Kendyl’s favorite basketball memory is actually placing in the Slater Tournament and constantly having basketballs fly at her while cheering. Kendyl’s advice to future basketball players and cheerleaders is enjoy the time because it will go by faster than you think. Always strive to do better and never let teammates' attitudes get in the way of your success.

Coach Harding: Thank you for bringing my love for the sport back. I am very grateful that I got to experience my last year with you. Thank you for constantly pushing me to be better and for being supportive. Coach Falls: Thank you for always bringing my energy up in practice and always pushing me. You are so supportive and give the best words of advice and I can’t thank you enough for that. Coach aka mom: Thank you for always pushing me to be better and helping me pursue my cheerleading dreams. I couldn't have done it without you and all of your support. I love you. To my dad: Thank you for always having those after practice/game conversations with me. I wouldn't be where I am today without your constant love and support. I love you! To my teammates: Thank you for being the best group of girls to cheer and play with. Your overwhelming support pushes me to be better. I can't wait to see what the rest of the season brings. Love you all!.

Maria McCabe is the daughter of Alan & Amanda Legardo and Jake McCabe. Maria´s activities include Basketball, A+, NHS president, Student Council treasurer, FTA Vice President, FFA Treasure and Senior Class Representative. Maria plans on going to college to either become an accountant or a teacher. Maria’s hobbies include watching movies with Wylee and her son, attending basketball games, and cooking with her sister.

Maria’s favorite memory is having secret santa and continuing our tradition every year. Her advice to future basketball players is to continue to put in the effort. You’ll always have good and bad days, but the most important thing to remember is that one mistake doesn't define you.

To my parents, I want to thank you for everything that you do. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without you guys. Thank you for always taking care of Ace, so I can enjoy doing the other things I love without having to worry. To my teammates, thank you for always coming prepared and ready to put in the work. To my coaches, thank you for putting the love back in basketball. Coach Falls, thank you for pushing me in the weight room and always being the hype man. Miss Harding, thank you for pushing us on the court and always being the best DJ.

Aubry Meyer is the daughter of Paul & Stephanie Meyer. Her activities include Basketball, Student Council, A+, FFA, NHS Vice President, FBLA Recruitment Chair, FTA Secretary, and Class Secretary. Aubry plans to go to college for agribusiness or early childhood education, and possibly real estate. Aubry’s hobbies include going to the races, hanging out with friends, and she wanted to save the best for last ; sleeping. She has too many basketball memories to list them all. Her advice to future basketball players is you will have good and bad days but always give it your all, play as a TEAM and have FUN.

To my number one fans mom, dad, and Rylea thank you for your support, advice, and road-trips over the last four years. To my teammates, you all have made the last four years an amazing journey and I will never forget you. To Coach Gonzalez, thank you for encouraging me to always do my best. Last but certainly not least, Coach Harding and Coach Falls, I am so glad that I was on the team that introduced your era in Lady Wildcat basketball. Thank you guys for being so supportive and bringing the fun back to basketball. I am so looking forward to what we are going to accomplish this year. Love you guys!!!!

Keyton Meyer is the son of Troy and Tara Meyer. He is involved in Basketball, Football, FFA & FBLA. Keyton plans to go to State Tech and become a lineman. His hobbies include hunting, fishing, and hanging out with friends. Keyton’s favorite basketball memory is when we won the Slater tournament.

Advice Keyton has for future basketball players is to enjoy what you have because it flies by. To my parents, teammates, and coaches, thank you all for everything you have done for me.

Allison Newman is the daughter of Rob and Stephanie Newman. She is involved in Basketball, FBLA, NHS, A+, Softball. Her hobbies include fishing, hunting, and hanging out with her friends and family. Allison plans on attending Mizzou or UCM and getting a degree in accounting. Her favorite basketball memory is our summer ball because we always have the most fun.

Allison’s advice for future basketball players is to never give up, even when it is hard. To my parents, teammates and coaches, thank you for everything you guys have done to help and support me! I love you guys!

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Glasgow Tournament Brackets

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Old Business

Parking Spot Painting

The time has come, students!

If you earned a reserved parking spot (21-22 Students of the Month, Field Day Winners - see the list below), you're officially able to begin the painting process! See the Contract below. Printed copies are available in the HS Office.

Spoiler alert:

- There's a $25 deposit this year. You'll get it back after repainting your spot at a day and time to be determined. Materials for this will be provided by the school.


You don't have to be on the list to park at school/drive. These are the students who have earned reserved spots that they may choose to personalize by painting. If you don't have a reserved spot, you can park in the Gravel Lot south of the HS Building or North of the ECC, off of Morgan Street.

2022-23 Reserved Parking Spots

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You Know the Rules

We've been in school for 51 days. You know the rules. Follow them.

Here's a quick reference:

- No phone or smart watch use outside of lunch, including between classes.

- No airpods/ear buds

- No vaping

- No food in class

- Don't disrespect staff or students

- Be a nice human

Use the Time You Have


You need to use the restroom between classes, not during class.

I've asked teachers to document when they do allow a student to use the restroom and informed them that your phones need to stay in the classroom when you do go.

Get Charged

There is a charging cart for HS Chromebooks in the HS hallway near Ms. Tristen's office.

If your machine needs to be charged during the day, these are the locations. Do NOT unplug anyone's machine, do NOT mess with anyone else's machine, and do NOT move the carts.

Restricted Area

Students are not to be in the HS Building during lunch.

Permitted areas are the cafeteria and Patio (weather permitting).

If you have lunch money to turn in, please do so before school, at the beginning of lunch, or after school.

Keep It Clean

Heads up: We're noticing excessive trash on the floors and under desks/tables in classrooms. Please throw your trash away in the trash cans provided.

I have no desire to relive the microlockdown of March 2021 (no candy, no sodas, etc. in the building), but I'll go there if students don't manage their trash.

UPDATED Policy for Extra-Curricular Disruptive/ Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Please note the revised policy for Unsportsmanlike Actions at an extra-curricular activity (Board of Education approved 9.27.22).

Unsportsmanlike Actions at an Extra-Curricular Activity

Step 1- Administrator Warning

Step 2- Minimum of 1 week, up to and including 365-day suspension from all District extra-curricular events.

Step 3- 365-day suspension from all District extra-curricular events

Time to Represent!

Congratulations to the following Class Officers:

Class of 2026

President: Ben Gochenour

Vice President: RJ Pannell

Secretary: Tytan Wiseman

Representatives: Kendall Guthrie & Libby Smith

Class of 2025

President: Madison Prysock

Vice President: Mya White

Secretary: Baliegh Goff

Representatives: Hannah Meyer & Skylar Wolfe

Class of 2024

President: Kenna Lemmon

Vice President: Kadence Campbell

Secretary: McCartney Butler

Representatives: Mackenzie Palmer & Grayson Zdybel

Class of 2023

President: Kendyl Drummond

Vice President: Wylee Goff

Secretary: Aubry Meyer

Representatives: Deliza Cortez & Maria McCabe

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Previous ROARS

Community Resources Available

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Monday, November 21

9:00 am - Admin Meeting

5:00 pm - CSIP Stakeholders Meeting
JH Basketball v. Salisbury (Gate: Perry / Admin: )

Tuesday, November 22

12:30 pm - Fall NWEA Incentive Day in Gym

4:30 pm - Board Meeting
2:45 pm - Basketball Pep Assembly

5:00 pm - JV/VG/VB Basketball v. NW Hughesville (Gate: C. Anderson / Admin: J Clements)

Wednesday, November 23

No School - Thanksgiving Break

Thursday, November 24

No School - Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 25

No School - Thanksgiving Break

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Need to report a bully?