What Is Force?

By Cindy Serrano

The Defintion of Force:

  • Force is a physical power or strength possessed by a living being.

Facts of Force:

  • The greater a force, the more effect it has.
  • Two natural forces that affect most of the motion we are aware of are the force of gravity and electromagnetic forces.
  • Force can make something start to move, slow down or speed up, change direction or change shape or size.

The following is an example of a little girl using force to open the window.

Force can make things slow down or stop like a parachute,it can make an object slow down because of air resistance.

Force, Just Another Saying for Push or Pull

Gravity produces a force that pulls objects towards each other, like a person towards the ground.
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Applying Force

Force can't always be seen but we sure can feel the effects they have on things, like a balloon.