Effects That Occur During An Abortion.

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Hello My names Faith I am a Sophomore at Fl. Schlagel High School
Some of the few things I take Interest in are Boxing, Writting, Exercising, Staying to Myself, And also Suicide Abortion those type things in the matter.
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What side effects happen after An Abortion?

I picked this question because honestly I want to know what happens during and after you get An Abortion.
Abortion would never be one of my chooses but seems that alot of young women my age choose this option, And some say the effects after wards are up setting for most people and I was just curious about what goes on during this process.


When people hear the word Abortion They ask. What is Abortion? And what happens when your getting it done.

Abortions when a young or older women doesn't really matter Finds out shes pregnant and decides that's not what she wanted or what she needs. Its a choice doctors and specialist give younger teens and adults. Abortion is a really big choice to make i would think wisely about it but it woul never be one of my choices. The doctors and you make an appointment during the appointment they ask you questions are you sure/ is this really what you want? As your getting ready they take a curved like knife into your cervix and gently they find the baby and they start cutting pieces by pieces off the child inside the womb as they do not that it may occur lots of blood and it also comes with alot of afterwards effects.

stop ABORTION now

Effects after An Abortion

What are the Effects After Abortion?
Wells here are some effect that some doctors and physiologist and therapist have seen on women and diagnosed them with its also a proven fact.
1: Depression it includes Anxiety and guilt and anger woman are usually upset with them self after months of having an Abortion.
2: Statistics proved that after interviewing a big amount of 500 women 50% of them experience negative thoughts towards there self's but that part of the beginning.
3: P.A.S.S -pass abortion stress symptom.
4: scared of buildings that concern medical attention or doctors such as hospital or clinic.
5: nightmares, sleeping problems, guilt, regret and numbness

Oppisite views of Abortion.

A big majority of Americans say that they believe abortion destroys a humans life and is considers man slaughter homicide. But fifthy one percent of likely voters surveyed agreed of it but 35 percent thinks the complete oppisite.And in some issues the rights or wrongs of abortion are abortion are irrelevant issues During religious issues christian belive that abortion is taking an innocent childs life and catholics think abortions is a moral crime.