EA1 3 Levels Of Reading: Stargirl

By: Audrey Springfield


I chose the word different because it explains what the students thought of her and why they avoided her at the start of the book and I think why it was easy for them to start not liking her.

Different: 1: partly or totally unlike nature, form , or quality. 2:


These are four examples of how the word different is related to the book:


I think that two themes from this book were:

1. If you are going to try to be liked don't try to become liked by being the same as everyone else, try to be liked by being yourself even if that means being different, because people will like you for who you are instead of who you pretend to be. For example don't do what Stargirl did when she became Susan.

2. Being different isn't bad unless you think it's bad and you don't like yourself because of it.