You don't want to be that one!

Some tips to avoid favoritism!

  1. Find something special about every student.
  2. Try to not form opinions about students.
  3. If possible, arrange desk and chairs in a circle so that no one feels left out.
  4. Actions speak louder than words! Acknowledge every student's hard work by putting their projects or drawings in the class.
  5. Make yourself comfortable around every student.
  6. Ask someone else about your behavior. You might often not notice your own behavior because humans tend to pick favorites subconsciously.
  7. Try to make every student your favorite!
Have you ever experienced sinking participation in class? Guess what? This is one of the many harms of favoritism. Teacher favoritism is usually a subconscious act wherein a teacher shows partiality towards one student at the expense of another. You might think that you are an unbiased teacher but as it is not a conscious act, you can never know how the students actually feel. So, if you don't want your class participation and involvement to go down then don't be that one!