Lydiksen Collaboration Expectations

Wednesday, March 11 - 8:20-9:05 a.m.

We will be demonstrating many different educational tech tools today. Please review the following expectations before we begin.

Expectation #1

You will take one thing from this meeting today and immediately implement it with your students or yourself. (Or you can take more than one thing!)

Expectation #2

Buckle up - this collaboration is going to move fast. Each demo should last 3-5 minutes each. (We are showing - not training.)

Expectation #3

Please no sidebars, conversations or conferencing at your table. This is distracting to others and you will miss something. (And the principal has a serious hearing problem - noisy rooms are frustrating and exhausting.)

Expectation #4

If you have a question or request, please post it to the Padlet so we can follow up with you at the end of the meeting or after the meeting. (See Expectation #2.)

Expectation #5

This is cool stuff. (Have fun.)

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