Why might children become bullies?

Some bullies are looking for attention. Some bullies think it will make them popular, or might help them get whatever they want. Most of them are trying to make themselves feel more important. When they pick on someone else, it can make them feel big, and powerful.



What are some reasons children might be picked on?

Some kids are different, and get made fun of because of it. Some kids because of their looks, temperament, their language, and their disposition.



How can you tell who a bully is?

You see them calling other kids names, or making fun of someone. You can tell a person is a bully when they don’t take responsibility for their behaviors, when they are unable to recognize that it is harming other people, when they are refusing to accept good behavior




What are three things a person can do to stop bullies?

Treat everyone with respect, think before you speak. If you feel like being mean to someone, find something else to do to occupy yourself. Talk to an adult who can help you find some ways to be nicer to other people.



Who else could stop the bullying?

Parents can help to stop the bullying, let them get the bullying as correct as possible. let them think about how they will approach the school. Let them document everything. Teachers can help to. They can go to the principle, and speak with them about what’s been going on. Your guidance counselor can help to. They can bring you and the bully into the same room so you can tell the bully how you feel, and that they are hurting your feelings. Your friends can help, too. They can stand up for you when it happens.