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Got crops or cramps? Get potassium.

The atomic number of potassium is 19. Which is also the number of protons and electrons the element has, and It also includes 20 neutrons. Its atomic mass is 39.0983 , which you can tell from the picture above. It is also fairly priced coming in at $1 per gram.


It was discovered in 1807 by Sir Humphry Davy, and its name originates from the latin word potash. It is a metal that's part of the Alkali Metal family, so obviously its normal phase is a solid like all metals. Its boiling point is 63.38°C and its melting point is 759°C, these rank 3rd highest amongst other elements in the alkali metal family.

Fun facts

Potassium is the 7th most abundant in the Earth's crust, making up a solid 2.4% of it. It's very valuable to miners as they extract over 50 million tons per year. It's mainly mined in Germany, Utah, California, and our neighbor New Mexico. It's also important to Seminole, and farming towns everywhere as it's used in fertilizers, and to all you athletes out there it's very important to you because it prevents cramps. Something cool I thought about potassium is its not found free out in nature, and its also very soft so it can be cut by a knife.


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