Stargirl (by John T./Matthew D.)

Theme: Don't judge people by what they seem to be.


Archie- Archie is as wise as an owl, and he speaks in "riddles". He moved to Mica and started teaching kids on weekends.Stargirl- Stargirl is an eccentric dame with a ukulele and a pet rat named Cinnamon. She is not, as Leo says, "normal".Leo- Leo is kinda shy, but approaches people without problem. He feels differently about Stargirl than anybody else. He works for the school's personal show: Hot Seat

Kids pick

My favorite part of the story was when people started to like her again while she danced at the Octillo Ball.

Figurative Language

Strong Verb Examples

The school kept threatening to drop football because of low attendance./ The cheerleaders were in their glory./ They screamed up at the bleachers: "GIMME A E"!/ People in Pheonix must of heard us buzzing./ We found ourselves looking forward to coming to school, to see what bizzare antic she'd be up to./ But Kevin was screaming on the phone.

Stargirl Summarization

A teenage girl comes to Mica High and acts "strange", as the students say. She eventually brings her attention to a boy named Leo. Leo is dazzled by this girl, and eventually falls in love with her.

When Stargirl does something identified as "betrayal", people start disliking her. Realizing this, Leo has to make Stargirl be "normal". Though changing herself to Susan, nothing changed. Stargirl soon realizing that being herself, is what makes people appreciate her.

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