Visual Merchandising

What is the role of a visual merchandiser?

A Visual Merchandiser is always ahead of the game, they know what trends are in and what people are looking for. They have to design the windows to make the customers walk into the store and they display the inside of the store. They work with the most exciting, cutting edge product on the high street. They strike the balance between being commercial and showcasing the trends and products in a visually stunning way. A window display is really important because its the first impression, so its what people see when they approach the store and ultimately decides whether they want to go into the store or not.

The role of Visual Merchandiser is creative and fast-paced, they will train, motivate and coach colleagues. To say that fashion is your interest would be an understatement, you know all the trends and have a great eye for presenting collections in an inspiring and commercial way.

What do you need to become a Visual Merchandiser?

-Experience in Visual Management within a fashion environment.

  • -Strong leadership skills
  • -Ability to manage a team.
  • -Awareness of competitor
  • -Passonate about designing
  • -Organisation
  • -Ability to multi-task
  • -Able to be challenge
  • -Ability to react quickly to changing situations
  • -Communication
  • -Colour coordination
  • -Teamwork
  • -To be able to develop different skills whilst working
  • -Creative
  • Selfridges window display

    This window display was taking in January 2016. When being a Visual merchandiser you would have to be a head of the game. While looking at this Selfridges window display and the 1909 Selfridges window, you can see some slight changes but some similarities with them both. In addition you would have to know about the different eras, for example; looking at both windows from then and now, you can compare them which could help inspire you to design the best window display.
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    A Visual merchandiser is someone who is ahead of the game and who organises the layout and designs of stores, windows and even fashion shows they also do much more for example; dressing mannequins. There the creators behind window displays. They also decorate in store departments.


    Being a Visual Merchandiser its a full time job in which they would work 37 to 40 hours a week, this often includes evenings to get the displays set up when the stores are closed.


    Newbies - £12,000 to £16,000 a year.

    Senior visual merchandisers - £20,000 to £25,000 a year.

    Visual merchandising managers or designers - £25,000 and £55,000 a year.

    Visual merchandising - £60,000 a year and over.

    To become a visual merchandiser, you will need to have:

    • -Design, colour and style
    • -Creativity and imagination
    • -Current trends in design, fashion and culture
    • -Good at making it to deadlines
    • -Good communication skills
    • -Have the ability to work well as part of a team and also alone
    • -Drawing skills and good IT skills


    Most visual merchandising jobs are in fashion and homeware departments. You can also find some opportunities for display work at museums, tourist attractions, airports and hotels.

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    Zara window display

    This is something you would have to do on a daily basic when having a career in Visual Merchandising.
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