The Third Grade Gazette

October 2015

Writing Workshop

The students will continue creating their stories for their very own personal narratives. They will publish a story that is dear to their heart- a memory and described how their true stories hold a special place in their lives.

Reading Workshop

For the month of October the students will continue reading texts which describe characters and explain how their actions contribute to the sequence of events. The students will continue to learn how characters' impact can affect the outcome of the text. The students will also continue their rich discussions where they will be able to build on each other's ideas.


In math the students will be finishing the unit on addition and subtraction of numbers up to 1,000. Afterwards the students will be introduced to how to collect data, intepret, and analyze the results through the use of tables, charts, and graphs.

Social Studies

In social studies the students will continue to study about the important features of communities throughout the world, how they are similar, and different. They will aslo continue to learn about the world geography and how it impacts the natural resources.


They are learning and implementing the scientific method through their experiments. One way they will accomplish this through studying bread "mold".

Dos Idiomas (Dual Language)

In the Dual Language classes the students will continue to receive their instruction in Spanish and in English by following the Balance Curriculum.

Upcoming Events

Woderful Wednesday- October 24, 2015

PTA Meeting- October 21, 2015

Costume Parade- October 30, 2015