Scientific Revolution

Gavin T. 6th Period

What was the change?

The Scientific Revolution caused advancements in science. Old science was based on religion, and what people already knew about the world. New science was based on the scientific method, and the belief that nothing we believed was true until proven through evidence.

Who were the people associated with the change?

How did the change impact society at the time?

The Scientific Revolution caused a change in what people believed to be true. Because of the Scientific Revolution, we discovered that the Earth is not at the center of the universe. We discovered that the Sun was, which was later proven to not be the center of the universe, but the center of the Solar System. The Revolution also caused anger in the Church. They found the studies blasphemous, and would punish anyone who followed.

How is that change evident in today's modern society?

The Scientific Method is still used everyday in Science classes around the world. Telescopes still are used to discover new things in the universe. We know the sun is at the center of the Solar System.