Part B

Personal Profile

Skills and Strengths: Strong, motivated, co-operative, smart, quick learner, friendly, and has lots of initiative.

Interests and Values: Vehicles, construction, working as a team, and working with my hands.

Areas of Motivation: Physical labor, working on vehicles, doing construction work, and being outside.

Occupational Profile

Occupations of Interest: Automotive mechanic or construction worker.

Related Work Experience: Have worked at Mike Jackson GM and Canadian Tire both as an oil and lube technician. Done work with Northland Custom Flooring.

Desired Future

My goal is to be a fully licensed automotive service technician. to fully attain my license i am hoping to get an apprenticeship with an automotive shop or attend a college course to get my license that way. If being a mechanic falls through i would like to get into construction, building houses or doing road ways and attain my heavy equipment operators license.

Next Steps

My next steps are to graduate high school and hopefully start my apprenticeship with One-Stop Auto or even Canadian Tire is a possibility. If i can not do either i will work for Northland while i attend school for my mechanics license.