Marissa Meyer, Laura Cruz


The protagonist of the story is Cinder, the mechanic, who which is also a cyborg, while the antagonist of the story is Queen Levana, the Lunar Queen.

The story takes place in New Beijing into the future.

The problem of the story is that Queen Levana wants to take over the Earth and is using Prince Kai, soon to be emperor, to accomplish her plan.

Rising action

Cinder meets Prince Kai while working in her mechanic booth, she tries to hide her prosthetic leg with the table mat and her hand with her glove, he asks her to fix his android, she keeps meeting him and soon discovers that she likes Prince Kai.

Cinder wants to get away from her stepmother, Adri , she and her stepsister Peony go to the junkyard to find a part that Adri needs, Cinder sees a dark spot on Peony's back. They soon discover that she has letumosis, the deadly disease going through New Beinjing. Adri signs Cinder up to be a volunteer at the hospital to find a cure. The doctor injects her with the disease, and she destroys it in 20 minutes.


Cinder has just discovered that she was a Lunar and the long lost Princess Selene, and is trying to stop Emperor Kai from making the biggest mistake, marrying Queen Levana to keep the peace between Earth and the Lunars. Levana figures that Cinder came to the ball, and knows that she is a Lunar, and is very angry, she tries to get rid of Cinder, but sees her kiss Emperor Kai and then gets furious, and tries to destroy her, but she escapes.

Falling Action

Cinder has escaped and went to Dr. Erland. He reassures her that she is Lunar because she saw through Levana's beauty. Cinder is thinking to herself about what or who she is, a lost princess, a mechanic, and a cyborg. While Levana is still out there trying to get rid of her niece, Cinder