Let's Go To Mexico!

By: Maria Venable

Climates In Mexico!

Mexico has a tropical climate with wet summers and dry winters, however the north of the country has little rainfall at any time. Mexico has tropical forests, dry deserts, valleys and snow-capped mountains. Climate there stays high throughout the year but the more cloudier regions in Mexico are in the more wet parts of the East Coast and the Northern part of the Pacific Coast. The dry season heat and humidity mostly stays in the southern coastal regions, but temperatures are still hot.

Cool Fact About Mexico!

  • In Mexico, they are a home to a very rare rabbit called the Volcano Rabbit which lives near the Mexican volcanoes!

Things To Do In Mexico

  • Nina’s is the best places in town for live music like the salsa, cumbia, cha-cha, ect. It has a dance floor, variety acts and impersonators.
  • Memories Cafe is a nice place to go with your friends and have a cappuccino!


Thank you for watching and listening to my presentation!