Fourth Grade News

Mrs. Spencer's Class - Week of 1/11

Good Morning!

We had a great first week of 2016 together! Students are extremely engrossed in reading Number the Stars each day. The novel has yielded great discussion and critical thinking. We have been working hard solving multidigit multiplication problems, and students are very committed to success! Students presented their state reports in Mr. Naylor's class, and he was very impressed. The class has learned a ton about the United States!

Check Out These Dedicated Learners!

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Updates & Announcements:

Information from the Office: Please see attached flyers for the Sunshine & Roses canvas painting event on 1/28 & the the Knights of Columbus Free Throw Contest on 1/19.

Hoops for Heart Program: Students can continue bringing in their pledges to Mr. Hamm this week for the Hoops for Heart program. Thank you for supporting our school and the American Heart Association!

Book Orders: January Scholastic order forms will come home today and will be due Friday. Orders may be placed online using code HYTRX or with cash or a check made out to Scholastic. Happy Reading!

February Conferences: Conference sign up will be available starting later today. The link will be sent to you via the PTCFast system. If you need to look at alternate dates/times to meet, please let me know. I look forward to meeting next month!

K-M Science Fair: Please let me know if you'd like a hard copy of the Science Fair information that was sent home last week. Remember, is a great resource for generating project ideas! I hope many students participate! Please let me know how I can help with ideas and resources.

Exploring Properties of Magnets

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This Week's Objectives:

Language Arts:

  • We are continuing to read and discuss Number the Stars.
  • We are following up our reading of My Brother Martin by writing dream poems with our second grade buddies.
  • We are beginning our January issue of Storyworks and will begin by reading about Mount Saint Helens and a story about a student magician.
  • We are building reading stamina and practicing CAFE (Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency, Expanding Vocabulary) strategies for reading.


  • We are reading and writing whole numbers to hundred billions.
  • We are using multiplication to solve a multistep problem.
  • We are making reasonable estimates.
  • We are learning about exponential notation.
  • We are solving multidigit multiplication problems using the partial-products method and the traditional algorithm for multiplication.
  • We are building our speed and accuracy with basic multiplication and division facts.

Science & Social Studies:

  • We are concluding our unit on electricity and magnetism.
  • Students are continuing their study of states and national symbols.


  • We are participating in a Peaceful Bus session on Wednesday morning.

Has your child read aloud to you this week?


PRUNES is a mnemonic to help students remember the steps when working through comprehension questions. Remember, reading at home is essential to student success!!

Preview - number of paragraphs, look at pictures, read directions

Read - 2x, highlight questions

Underline - locate answers in text and underline

Notice - look for key words in questions

Eliminate - x-out incorrect answers

Survey - check that all answers are complete and that all answers have been proven

Encourage IXL Use at Home for Practice & Enrichment!

Wishing you a wonderful week!

Please contact me with any questions or comments.

Your Partner in Education,

Mrs. Spencer