Ms. Danette's First Grade Class

Week of May 16


Tuesday is our talent show. Students need to wear or bring a plain white shirt to wear and blue jeans or jean shorts. We are the opening act. The talent show can begin anywhere from 12:30-12:45 depending on lunches. I need a couple of parents to come to the classroom around noon to help me get the bandannas on the students. Email me if you can help. I will select the first two that I hear from. After the talent show you are welcome to stay and watch the rest of the show or you may sign your child out without penalty. I will have the sign-out sheet with me in the gym.

Monday Birthdays and Awards

A couple of students will have summer birthdays. On Monday we will celebrate these birthdays with pizza, cupcakes, and drinks at 1:00. If your child has a birthday after May 19 and before August 1, we will be celebrating an early birthday!! Also on Monday every teacher in the school will be giving out sometime during the day classroom awards. Every child in my room has earned at least one award this year. The awards are on red paper and should be in your child's folder on Monday.

Class DVD

I made a class DVD for each student. My plan is to show it Tuesday and each student will receive a copy. This DVD should play in a computer or on a DVD hooked to you TV. If it does not play, email me Tuesday night so I can get you another one made and to school on Wednesday. The DVD is 17 minutes long but it contains nearly 400 pictures of our year. I've watched it several times and it makes me smile, laugh, and cry each time. I will miss this group of students and parents. Each year I think how could I love another group, and each year I do!!! Thank you for sharing them with me!!

Field Day Was Fun!!



These words are hard for me to say...I will not be at school on Thursday. My daughter is a tennis player at Murray High School and she and her doubles partner advanced to the state tournament. This is the first time a girls doubles team has made it this far since 2007. I will be traveling to Lexington, Ky after school on Wednesday to watch her play on Thursday. Ms. Kimberley will be taking my place on Thursday to end the school year. I can't think of a better replacement!!! With that being the past I have had some parents bring in some breakfast foods and drinks for the final morning. This is only a half-day with dismissal beginning around 10:30. I know many students will not even come this day. The school does not serve breakfast on this day. So if you are planning on sending your child on Thursday and would like to bring some fruit, donuts, muffins, and/or drinks, let me know. I will let the children know the last day they will see me is Wednesday.