The Panama Canal

Andrew Sahai Academic 1


1881 A French company begins construction on the canal. After eight years France gives up on the project.Over 20,000 construction workers died working on the project for France and the company trying to build the canal goes bankrupt.

the importance of the panama canal

the importance of the panama canal is that if you are shipping some mail (because its the beginning of the 19th century)from new York to san Francesco without the panama canal you will both add 8,000 miles to your trip and put your mail in danger of crashing into a iceberg

the construction of the panama canal

1835 France is given a permit to build a canal across Panama. However first they have to come up with a plan to build the canal. In 1881 they finally start the construction of the panama canal

The U.S.

1904 The United States begins working on the Canal. 1914 The canal is completed. 1977 The United States signs a treaty with Panama and agrees to give Panama control of the canal in 1999

middle america facts

  • There are seven countries in central america: Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Panama. The population of Central America is approximately 41,739,000.
  • Three-fifths of Central America's population is of mixed European usually Spanish and Indian heritage, known as Mestizos. One-fifth is Indian.