The West Region

By Nina

The West region states and Capitals

In the west region there are lots of states like, Washington,Oregon,Idaho,California,Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Alaska, Hawaii, and Montana. And there capitals, Olympia WA, Salem OR, Boise ID, Sacramento CA, Salt Lake City UT, Cheyenne WY, Denver CO, Juneau AK, Honolulu HI, and Helena MT. And also Alaska has a boarder of water that separates Alaska and Russia.


In the west region its hard to know the temperature for all the states because in the west region there is Hawaii witch is always hot and the temperature would be about 70 degrees to 100 degrees. And in Alaska its really cold but only in some places the temperature is below 0 to about 40, 50, or 60 degrees. And the rest of the states have hot summers and cold winters. And a cool fact is that the west region has a diverse weather.

Natural resources and products

In the west there is allot of natural resources in California. There is oil, gold, and gas in Alaska. And timber and cattle in Montana. In Idaho there are so many potatoes there. Idaho is famous for growing allot of potatoes. And in California there were japanese farmers who were the first ones to grow strawberries there. And for the photo:


One of the industries in the west region is Microsoft in other regions there is Microsoft there too. Microsoft is the biggest computer company in Washington. Central Valley is a area in California where produce fruits , vegetables, and nuts. The next thing is Silicon Valley it sounds like a valley where people would grow crops or maybe its a famous valley but no its not Silicon Valley is another company in California where it makes high tech things like computers electronics and computer chips.

Historical Sites and Landmarks

In the 1900's a artist named Diego Rivera painted a mural in San Francisco California called Making of a Fresco people asked him to paint a mural so he did. Another cool thing is a huge baseball glove in PacBell stadium. And did you know that in California there is the Golden Gate Bridge!

Landforms and Waterways

One of the big mountains in the west is Mt.McKinley witch is in Alaska. The Native Americans would call it Denali witch would mean the high one or the great one. Also there is the rocky mountains and the rocky mountain states witch are: Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Nevada, and Colorado. The rocky mountains go through those states. And the pacific states: Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, and California. All those states are on the pacific coast. Usually lakes have clear water not salt water all lakes have that except The Great Salt Lake. The Great Salt Lake is in Utah, Salt Lake City.

Amazing facts

1. California has the most people than any other state. 2. Hawaii used to have a queen. 3. The walk of fame in boulevard, Hollywood is one of the most famous streets in the world. 4. In 1911 the Nestor company built the first motion picture studio in California. 5.Wyomin was the first state to let woman vote.


Balto was a black and white husky who lead the dog team in Nome, Alaska. The dog lead the whole team that was on a mission to deliver medicine to the children and people of Nome to cure diphtheria. The trip was from Anchorage to Nome the trip was freezing and nearly 1,000 miles away. The only way to go on the trip was to go dogsled. It took about six days and six nights to transport the medicine to the sick children.

If You Were To Move

If you were to move to the west region the changes in your life would be, it mostly would depend what state you would move to if it was Alaska then say good bye to all your shorts, sunglasses ( maybe) and everything that you use in summer and use warm clothes like wool socks and big jackets. If it was Hawaii you would do the opposite of what you get rid of in Alaska in Hawaii its really hot if its summer or winter no snow no coldness. Some states would be warmer like California or colder like Washington. Also you would need boots in Alaska and in Hawaii or California flip flops or sneakers.