Moses Kotane

By: Cooper Anibal


Moses Kotane was born in Tamposstad South Africa in 1905 to a Christian family. Growing up he was mainly self taught and excelled at reading and understanding political writings. The little formal education he did have was at a communist run night school, which may have contributed to his beliefs later on in his life. Joining the ANC in 1928, Kotane found the organization very unproductive, but continued to stay a member. Later he joined the communist party of South Africa and was named vice-chairman of the trade union federation and a member of the political bureau. Later in 1930, Kotane was offered education in Russia and it was there that he really learned how to think politically. This would lead to his leadership roles in both the ANC and the CPSA.

Moses Kotane was a significant individual in the anti-apartheid movement because of his leadership roles and part in establishing the ANC. Achieving General secretary of the CPSA and treasurer general of the ANC. He also showed his militancy by being proud of being accused of breaking the suppression of communism act. One of Kotane's biggest achievements though, was who he was said to be as a person. He was trustworthy, honest and would put others before himself. Having that quality is what made him such a great man and a key contributor to the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa.