The Hull House

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- The Hull House was a settlement house for European immigrants

- The Hull House was founded in 1889 by Jane Addams and Ellen Gates Starr

- The House is located in Chicago, Illinois and is still standing today

- The house was originally created to provide social and educational opportunities for working class people like European immigrants

- The Hull House was also focused on promoting education on male dominated occupations for women

- To this day, the house is said to be haunted

- The neighborhood of the Hull House was free of racial and tradition discrimination.

- The Hull House had many women residents that later went on to be influential women in society like being leaders for the women's suffrage movement

- Toynbee Hall in Europe was Addams inspiration for creating the Hull House

- The Hull House started out with providing kindergarten classes but then expanded to day care which after that grew even bigger

- Jane Addams was the one got better working conditions for young children after seeing them what they went through in the sweat shops

- Jane Addams won a Noel Peace Prize for her life's work which included the Hull House

- The Hull House had a huge focus on kids since Addams wanted to better educate the next generation

- Addams help set up the Juvenile Court of Chicago. If young kids were found guilty, they were sent to probation officers which were Hull House staff members

- Hull House became more than a meeting place. The Hull House quickly progressed into a living place for immigrants so they could get out of the slums

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