Rehab Solutions

is your loved one afflicted by substance misuse?

One-on-One consultations and expert advice for people seeking help, rehabilitation and treatment services

  • Our dedicated team of consultants work directly with people with substance misuse addictions and issues and provide the best help they can receive in order to effectively rehabilitate them from their dependency and provide support to integrate them successfully in society.

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  • Our service provides a residential rehab program widely considered to be the most effective rehabilitation service world-wide with a number of Narconon centres throughout Europe and the U.S.A and an ever-expanding network of help available at the end of the phone or as a personal one-to-one consultation.
  • We provide a service of support, treatment options and full rehabilitation therapy with additional support for families and advice with governmental agencies such as the DHSS, benefits enquiries and the DVLA whilst the student is enrolled in the respective program.
  • Full After-Care service is provided so the student in services can successfully navigate a new live for themselves and attain sobriety with maximum ease and care.

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We are available 24 hours a day for any enquiry relating to drug and alcohol misuse and can assist in any enquiry no matter how large or small, with free advice and support given for families and people whose lives are effected by addiction