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December 2014 Bulletin

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Here's To Another Great Year!!!

It seems like 2014 went by in a flash! We have had such an amazing year! I love that this business provides the opportunity for so many to make a difference in their lives and in the lives of others. We are over 300 strong on our team now and that means we have been able to impact thousands of lives this past year, through our customers and hostesses. It's truly an amazing thing!

O2 has given so many of us flexibility, financial freedom, more time with our families, confidence, leadership skills and the list goes on and on. We've had several team members earn and attend an all expense paid incentive trip to Cabo San Lucas this past February and now this year, we'll be sending team members to Maui! Opportunity abounds in this business!

We've seen some promotions this year and some staggering sales! I love that you can create your own income in this business and you can work as much or as little as you want. We've seen a lot of dreams come true for designers this year and that is just plain awesome! Whatever your dreams are, you are able to make them happen here!

I want to thank you all for how you have positively impacted my life both personally and professionally. I have been able to spend more time with my family than I ever thought possible, all while making an income doing something that I love. It is such a blessing to strike such a harmony between my family life and my business. I'm thankful for such a wonderful team of people who are committed to making their dreams a reality and who are so supportive of one another. You all teach me so much and push me to be a better leader every day. Thank you for being a part of Team Charming Grace and all it represents!

Peace, Lockets, & Love,

Darlene xo

Happy End of November!!!

Our Central Team Volume for November was $55,811.65

Here are our Top 10 in Sales:

Top in Sales - Danielle Paul - $7929.25

Caridad Alonso 1899.90

Lenette Serlo 1893.80

Maray & Gabriella Rodriguez 1742.70

Tiffany Beukers 1718.50

Julie Rodriguez 1676.00

Darlene Giol 1640.20

Faye Winterholler 1520.00

Amy Busekrus 1382.20

Marielise Vogler 1034.85

November Promotions

Congratulations to these ladies who grew their businesses in November and promoted to the next level!

Indiana & Ariel Martin - Senior Team Leader

Cecilia Lijeron - Team Leader

Debbie Nay - Leading Designer

Ana deMontoya - Leading Designer

Start The New Year Off With A Bang!!!

Now is the time to fill your calendar up and reserve jewelry bars for January. December and January are really the months that launch your business in the new year. Where do the January bookings come from?

  • Hopefully you made the most of your November and made sure to get bookings from those jewelry bars. Sometimes hostesses may cancel in December because everyone is so busy with the holidays. Don't sweat it, just secure a date with them in January and make a point to fill that cancelled date with another hostess. Did you schedule a self-hosted jewelry bar in December? Why not use that as an opportunity to have your own at your home.

  • Take advantage of the Hostess Rewards/Exclusives we will be offering for January. As soon as you have that information available, use it to draw in new hostesses and people you think would love to get their hands on the latest exclusive.

  • Participate in vendor events, but don't always go with a mindset of selling. Think of them as an opportunity to schedule jewelry bars and bring on new team members. The sales will be a bonus, but the jbs and team members will keep your business growing and thriving.

  • I know you've heard this one before, but....Get On The Phone! Call those previous hostesses and call their guests and just plain Ask them to help you grow your business by hosting a jewelry bar and introducing you to a few of their friends. If you don't Ask, how do you know the answer?

  • Have your all your local hostesses either bring or send friends to a self-hosted jewelry bar or to your website on a specific day, from 9-5. Shoot for 10 hostesses and you can have 10 jbs in one day and each hostess can earn rewards!

So what about your sales in December? The second half of the month is usually very busy for families preparing for the holidays and by then they have placed their orders to arrive on time for the holiday. How do you keep December going and not fizzling out?

  • Know when the cutoff is for orders and make sure to share that with all your customers so they can get their orders in on time.

  • Do a Mystery Hostess Jewelry Bar. You can collect several orders, put them together, and draw the name of one person who will receive all the hostess credits. There are many that will love the benefit of all the rewards without having to actually host. Better yet, put the orders together and split the hostess rewards among all those who order.

  • Self-Host...Self-Host....Self-Host

  • Keep consistent

The most important thing is to do your best to make sure your jewelry bars stay confirmed, especially in these two months. Here are a few ways to help them stick:

  • Most importantly - Hostess Coach! Make sure to have contact with them at least 3 times before the jewelry bar.

  • Before they even host in Dec. or Jan., make sure to re-book them for the Spring. There's always new product available for them to earn in a new season. Now you've filled another date in your calendar for later in the year.

  • Send them a thank you note the day after they reserve their date.

  • Encourage them to utilize their hostess evites and enter the guest list there. Then later you can follow up with anyone who may not be able to make it.

  • Use our new images at Red Stamp to text or email them or have them utilize it with their guests.

Keep the rest of the new year rolling with a full December and January calendar!

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"Do or Do Not, There Is No Try"

Even if you aren't a fan of Star Wars like our family is, you have to admit that Yoda was a wise soul. His words were simple, but very wise - "Do or do not, there is no try." I found myself saying "I will try" to one of our leaders the other day and realized that I sounded like I was not committed to what I was saying or what I supposedly planned on doing. Then I remembered this piece my coach wrote. You have to be committed to something to be a success at it. I hope this piece will help you to remember that the commitments we make to ourselves are the most important. Read on...

The 3-Letter Word That Might Be Killing Your Success - By Stacy Boegem

“I’ll try,” she said.

“You’ll try?” I said.

“Yes, I’ll try,” she said.

That’s when I stopped her.

“You’re not working with me so you can ‘try’ to take action,” I said. “You’re working with me because you are committed to taking action, right?”

“Right,” said my client, looking a bit confused.

Here’s the thing.

When you’re meeting a friend for a movie, you set a time to meet up, and then you show up at that time.

When you’ve paid for a personal training session, you go.

When your friend’s hosting a dinner party and she asks you to bring dessert, you do – even if it means store bought cookies picked up on your way.

Can you imagine if you told your friend you’d try to meet her at the movie? Or your trainer that you’d try to make the session? Or your friend that you’d try to bring dessert?

TRY reeks of non-commitment.

When you’re truly committed to taking a specific action, you don’t say you’re going to try. You say you will, and then you do. That’s the nature of commitment.

Next time you hear yourself say you’re going to TRY to make/do/call/read/watch/etc., ask yourself this question:

Is my trainer more special than me?
Is my friend more important than me?
Is my (insert name of person in your life who you would never stand up) better than me?

You commit to others, and you honor those commitments.

It’s time to commit to yourself, and then honor that commitment.

When I asked my client if I was more important than she is, she said “No” through a coy smile.

“Well,” I said, “you booked this session with me at this specific time, and then you showed up.”

If you’re a no-show to your own commitments to yourself, what message are you communicating to the world? That you’re not worthy? Not as important? Not as special?

Stop trying. Start doing.

Let the Universe know you mean business.

Start here.

I want to know what commitment will you make to yourself today?

Email me at

Here is the link to this blog piece and Stacy's website

As she always says to us, put your happiness at the top of the agenda!


Happy Holidays

My wish for all of you this year, before we head into 2015, is that you find what you are passionate about and go after it! I also hope that you take some time off from growing your businesses this December to celebrate your holidays with family and friends and truly be present during that time. It's so important to step away from this part of your life and enjoy all those people in it that matter the most. My family and I are wishing you all a wonderful holiday season, full of peace and joy!