A Christmas Carol

The play

Why should you see the play?

People should go see a Christmas Carol at the Guthrie because it takes the best parts of the story and adds more to them. The play added a lot of new scenes and characters a to the classic story. Secondly the play was easier to understand because you could see what's going on instead of having to picture it. In addition it was definitely more humorous than the book. I recommend this book because it adds so much to a classic story.

What did Scrooge sacrifice?

The big sacrifice that Scrooge had to make in a Christmas Carol was his money. He sacrificed money at the end of the book because you can't keep all of your money and donate to charity. I'm not saying that you can't be rich and donate but before the spirits came he didn't give anything to anyone. Donating to charity is important but so is keeping a steady income, and when you have as much money as Scrooge you can maintain both.