Vote For Renodia As Princess

Diamonds Are Forever

Renodia as Princess to lift your spirits

Tpa Gets Boring, If You VOTE For Me As Princess Ill Turn In Some Of My Ideas & It Will Make You Want To Come To School EVERYDAY !!!!

Crowning a Princess

Thursday, Oct. 31st 2013 at 12pm

1950 Benoist Farms Road

West Palm Beach, FL

Crowning a Real Princess , Is A Serious Affair!!!!!

Princess Renodia

Im Very Funny, active, playful, and also serious at serious times !!!!

My Motto

 Vote For Your Friends Vote For The Person You Personally Thinks Will Represent Your School As Being The Best Princess . One That Knows How To Keep Things Going Smooth , Thats Going To Motivate You To Stay On Track Give You Good Advice !!!! VOTE VOTE VOTE