Antibiotics vs Bacteria

which side are you on.

Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotic resistant bacteria is a problem because if we continue like this a bacteria that is resistant to all antibiotics will be created. One way to prevent this is to stop having cattle eat antibiotics which is a big change considering 80% of all antibiotics are used for animals.

What is happening

Farmers are putting antibiotics in animal food to keep them alive but as it's keeping them healthy it's also helping bacteria be resistant to the antibiotic and will become pointless not only for the animals but for humans too, because we eat that meat that immune to antibiotics so that antibiotic won’t work on you anymore.

transition to other bacteria

Bacteria can transmit the gene that makes them immune to the antibiotic and give it to another type of bacteria.

What can you do?

You might be thinking why do animals eating antibiotics matter it's not like it effects me? Wrong what other than plants do you eat? Meat so you're eating the bacteria that is immune to the antibiotic. But there are some ways to stop like buying specific brands that don’t feed their animals antibiotics.