That means you, Class of 2003!

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Introducing Agile Alumni Outreach

Dear Class of 2003,

Today we are announcing a new type of outreach program. It's run by current Johnson students from the Class of 2013 as part of the Digital Marketing course run by Maia Benson

This program will run only 3 weeks, but the memories and connections will last forever!

Looking forward to the sprint!


John, Gopi, Gagan, Pramod, Lakshman, & Srikanth

Johnson MBA Class of 2013

Our Objectives

1) Get you to join the CLASS OF 2003 Facebook Page

2) Get you to update your profile on jConnect

3) Get you to give back by donating time or money

4) Get you to Ithaca for Reunion Weekend!

Our Plan of Action

1) We will hold a Webinar introducing the program, ourselves, and the objectives

2) We will inform and engage via Email, Twitter and Facebook

3) We will solicit your feedback to improve Alumni engagement