lab safety

what you do to be safe in science

what you should do in science class or lab

This is lab safety instrutions you always lisen for the teacher to say what to do always pay attition to him or her so you dont get lost in what your doing, dont horse play or you will spill acid or some chemical on your cloth and if you break something let the teacher take care of it and dont every lie to her.

instructions on safty

1.dont horse play

2.if you break something let the teacher get it

3.always keep your cloth on like goggles aprin gloves and have a teacher around

4.use tools if needed fire blanket ex hood goggles aprin and all saftey items

5.always be safe

stay safe in class and at the sience lab

BE SAFE AT ALL TIMES DONT DO NOTHING STUPID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!